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For 40 consecutive years the name DILZA is attached to the finest furniture fabrics and curtains of the domestic and international market. All the popular signatures of fabric furniture and curtains, in a huge range of famous European houses, are hosted at DILZA stores.

The privately owned warehouses due to the enormous stock that they have can satisfy every wish of the client with instant delivery. It is no coincidence that the DILZA grows and develops continuously by increasing the exhibition spaces, show rooms, retail outlets and stock houses. Besides, during the last decade the company developed rapidly in the fields of professional equipment and hotels, both in Greece and Balkans.

The company’s goal was and still is, to invest in high quality products at the most affordable prices but also the expansion of partnerships with popular brands of the world market.

Today, the DILZA group includes high quality materials for clothing business premises, hotels, stores and restaurants as well as fire retardant or black out fabrics and curtains.

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Selected upholstery fabrics to create unique combinations and give a different style to your space. 

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