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The company DILZA was founded in 1973 by Dimitris and Effie DILZA and operates in fabric furniture upholstery and curtain wall.

Our collections,are selected form the best designs and are  manufactured with great responsibility, focusing mostly on product quality.

In our collections you will find a wide range of fabrics and curtains using the technology Fr CryptonTeflonoutdor and easy clean which meet the needs of the most demanding construction.

Our goal is always to provide better services to our partners - our customers.

The company, in the last years, exports its products to European countries, like Germany, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and countries in the Arab Emirates - Qatar Dubai.

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  • 2 - Furniture Fabrics & Curtains in Thessaloniki

Selected upholstery fabrics to create unique combinations and give a different style to your space. 

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